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UN Staff Union mourns 116 colleagues killed in 2010

The earthquake which devastated Haiti a year ago, killing at least 220,000 people, also took the lives of more United Nations personnel than any other single event and today the world body’s Staff U

After six months, humanitarian needs of Haiti quake victims still “immense”

(eTN) - The humanitarian needs of people affected by January’s earthquake in Haiti remain immense, United Nations agencies and their partners said Monday, July 12, in a report, which also takes stoc

International body to focus on protecting Haiti’s culture

(eTN) – It has been almost six months since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck and devastated Haiti.

Five years after tsunami devastation, Sri Lanka is doing OK, president...

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that this time of year is a period for reflection for many people around the world.

How can tourism help Haiti

Haiti could best be described as the biblical Job of the Western Hemisphere and has the unfortunate distinction of having practically every form of crisis event visited upon it and its people in recen