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When FESPAD turned into a WETPAD

(eTN) - The combined opinion Friday at the Amahoro National Stadium was that “someone somewhere’” was responsible for the complete washout, in fact blowout, of the opening ceremony as it was jus

Violent storms slash through the US Midwest

(eTN) - Nearly 400 reports of violent storms ripped through the US Midwest and Southeast states last night. In Iowa state alone, 27 tornados were reported.

Neither rain, nor hail, nor broken down car could stop airline...

CALGARY - The most severe and widespread winter weather across Canada in nearly 40 years wreaked havoc with travel coast to coast, causing numerous airport closures and record numbers of flights delay

Prince and PM hail British tourism

The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister Gordon Brown helped launch British Tourism Week by sending messages of support to the industry.Charles praised tourism as "one of this country's great success stories" and spoke of British Tourism Week's recognition of the "huge economic difference which (tourism) makes to local communities throughout the country".