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Nightspot attacked in Mombasa

(eTN) - The Moi Avenue based Bella Vista Night Club and Restaurant in Mombasa was hit last evening by what has been described as both gunfire and an explosion.

Neutral Swiss love their guns

GENEVA – With at least 2.3 million weapons stashed in basements, cupboards and lofts neutral Switzerland is among the best-armed nations in the world, with more guns per capita than almost any other

American Airlines loses Israeli PM bodyguards’ guns

Not even officers from Israeli security service Shin Bet can escape the scourge of lost luggage it seems.

Trinidad & Tobago: Guns here to stay

Eastern Port of Spain has been labeled as ’among the most dangerous places on the planet’ by an international research body that tracks the growth of small arms and crime.

Golden Triangle warlords swap guns, drugs for tourism

The jungle-swathed ridges of Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle divide two worlds.

Arizona-boycott blog post stirs up a hornet’s nest

Arthur Frommer, whose travel guidebook series changed the way we see the world, has stirred up a hornet’s nest with his blog post that criticized the state of Arizona and threatened a personal boyco

In many US airports, guns are OK outside security

ATLANTA - Flying in the U.S. has been transformed since Sept. 11, with passengers forced to remove their shoes, take out their laptop computers and put liquids and gels in clear plastic bags.

While firearms seized at border on rise, majority of guns caught...

The cache of firearms seized by Canadian border guards swelled by 30% in 2007, but the vast majority of gun runners were unwitting American tourists, not gangsters or criminal smugglers.