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Engine fire strands Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico

Passengers on a Carnival cruise ship drifting in the Gulf of Mexico aren't getting the vacation they expected -- sleeping on its decks, making do with a few working toilets, and doing what they can to

200 year old ship found in Gulf of Mexico

A wooden ship believed to be over 200 years old was discovered during a recent exploration of the northern Gulf of Mexico, according to a press release from the U.S.

Explosion on oil rig in Gulf of Mexico

An offshore petroleum platform exploded and was burning Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles off the Louisiana coast, west of the site where BP's undersea well spilled after a rig explosion.

Destination news: Obama tours Florida

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - President Obama toured waters off Panama City, Fla., in a visit meant to kick off recovery in a region hit hard by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, officials said.

Executives: Gulf tourism needs as much as $500 million for marketing...

WASHINGTON — States bordering the gushing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico need as much as $500 million to boost tourism with marketing campaigns aimed at cleaning up their image, tourism executives

Economic damage from BP oil spill may not spread beyond...

WASHINGTON — The BP oil spill has hammered the fishing and tourism industries along the Gulf of Mexico. But it appears the economic damage to the rest of the nation will be limited.

Florida braced for damage to tourism

Floridians have found frisbee-sized oil clumps along Pensacola Beach, as the state braced itself for damage to its tourism and fishing industries from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.