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Alitalia Airline rescue: All-out negotiations with Benettons

Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy- May 14, 2019

The plight of Alitalia Airline continues just as expected with negotiations for Alitalia by the Benetton Group ongoing, despite the ... Read More

From airport terminal to glamorous holiday destination: Designer pop-up shop

editor editor- April 6, 2019

Marie France Van Damme, the Hong Kong-based designer known for her globally influenced line of luxury resort, swim, and ready-to-wear, continues ... Read More

Living as a digital nomad: some unexpected issues you may face

editor editor- March 26, 2019

Digital nomad’s life is the one that most people want to have. It seems so easy and fun for a ... Read More

Foreign tourists jailed for driving over Chile’s famous Atacama Giant

mm Chief Assignment Editor- March 4, 2019

Three foreign tourists who traveled by car over the famous Atacama Giant were found guilty of causing irreparable damage to ... Read More

Hotels in ASIA ignore warning signs of environmental killers

Andrew J. Wood - eTN Thailand Andrew J. Wood - eTN Thailand- February 24, 2019

Hotel operators in Asia are neglecting public safety. Scientists and engineers have learned the truth about the industry’s apathy when ... Read More

Thinking globally: Victoria Cliff Resort in Mergui Archipelago , Andaman Sea

Keith Lyons Keith Lyons- February 18, 2019

Victoria Cliff Resort, a new snorkeling and dive resort in the Mergui Archipelago is ‘thinking globally, acting locally’ to foster ... Read More

American tourist arrested in Moscow ‘on suspicion of espionage’

mm Chief Assignment Editor- December 31, 2018

Public relations center of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), which is the successor to the KGB, said on Monday that ... Read More

Charles de Gaulle airport rolls out new taxi rules to prevent scams

mm Chief Assignment Editor- December 27, 2018

Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport has announced new taxi rules after an unregistered illegal acb driver charged a Thai tourist ... Read More

Young Balule Elephant shot 13 times before horrified visitors

editor editor- December 5, 2018

Just as the furore about the trophy hunting of the pride male named Skye began abating, another incident has highlighted ... Read More

5 foods you must eat on Guam

editor editor- November 16, 2012

GUAM - One of the hardest questions I’ve been asked is, “What is your favorite food?” In my experience as ... Read More

Tour company appeals to be removed from guilty verdict

editor editor- October 5, 2012

(eTN) - Information from Nairobi indicates that Maniago Safaris has filed an appeal against being named in the guilty verdict, ... Read More

American tourists plead guilty over brawl with police in Antigua

editor editor- October 5, 2009

Five New Yorkers charged with brawling with cops on the island of Antigua pleaded guilty Saturday after striking a deal ... Read More

3 guilty in London plot that caused airline chaos

editor editor- September 9, 2008

London — A British jury has found three men guilty of conspiracy to murder in a terrorist bombing campaign that ... Read More

Airline guilty of safety breach

editor editor- July 3, 2008

Airline firm FlyGlobeSpan has pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching civil aviation rules after allowing a plane with instrument ... Read More

Cruise line pleads guilty in deadly blast

editor editor- May 4, 2008

Five years after the deadliest cruise industry accident in more than a decade, Norwegian Cruise Line has agreed to plead ... Read More