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Tour company appeals to be removed from guilty verdict

(eTN) - Information from Nairobi indicates that Maniago Safaris has filed an appeal against being named in the guilty verdict, under which three former Kenyan tourism officials were sentenced to sever

American tourists plead guilty over brawl with police in Antigua

Five New Yorkers charged with brawling with cops on the island of Antigua pleaded guilty Saturday after striking a deal that's expected to spare them jail time.

3 guilty in London plot that caused airline chaos

London — A British jury has found three men guilty of conspiracy to murder in a terrorist bombing campaign that could have killed hundreds with liquid explosives.

Airline guilty of safety breach

Airline firm FlyGlobeSpan has pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching civil aviation rules after allowing a plane with instrument failure to fly.

Cruise line pleads guilty in deadly blast

Five years after the deadliest cruise industry accident in more than a decade, Norwegian Cruise Line has agreed to plead guilty to criminal negligence in the SS Norway explosion.