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GOL airline joins Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group

Latin America's GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA has joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG), which unites airlines and technology providers in a joint drive to accelerate the develo

Luxury Link and Lexus go green

Luxury Link (www.luxurylink.com), the world's premier online luxury travel resource, announced its partnership with Lexus to bring eco-friendly hotel packages to the sophisticated traveler.

DFW International Airport receives recognition from EPA

Among the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Top 20 Local Government List of the largest green power purchasers, is DFW International Airport.

FITUR to promote energy efficiency of the hotel sector

The 30th edition of FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair that will be taking place between January 20-24, 2010 in Madrid, Spain, will be giving specific attention to the topic of sustainability

Tourism and travel in a low-carbon economy

The World Economic Forum on behalf of its travel and tourism community presented its report "Towards a Low Carbon Travel and Tourism Sector" to Yvo de Boer, director general of the United Nations Fram

Greening the aviation industry with biofuels

In 2008 alone, US passenger and cargo airline operations required 16.1 billion gallons or approximately 382.4 million barrels of jet fuel.

The Ubud Hotels Association promotes Ubud as a green destination

The Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) is promoting Ubud as a green destination with a series of charitable and environmental activities, as well as hosting a seminar.

Southwest Airlines makes EPA’s green power purchase list

Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated each of its National Top Partner lists, highlighting some of America's largest green power purchasers.

Greening the global economy through sustainable tourism

With climate change and the global recession driving the current international political agenda, both politicians and businesses are increasingly drawn towards the idea of a global green economy.

UN speaking as one ­- supporting the transformation to a green...

Ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark (December 2009), UNWTO has joined several UN agencies to release an Interagency Statement of the United Nations System: "Green Econo

Hawaiian Airlines and Rolls-Royce announce ‘green’ partnership

HONOLULU - A new partnership with two respected brands announced Friday afternoon means a huge win for the environment and air travelers.

Pacific Whale Foundation president speaks on eco-friendly whalewatching

MA'ALAEA (MAUI), HI - Pacific Whale Foundation president Greg Kaufman delivered a talk on "Eco-Friendly Whalewatching: It's Not Always Easiest to Be Green" at a naturalist workshop that was conducted

Green Hawaii: the garden isle of Kauai

The most northern of the eight major islands and the oldest geologically, Kauai is Hawaii without the high-rises.

Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures updates website with “green” info

MA'ALAEA (MAUI), HI - Testing new H2O generators that use mineral water to dramatically improve fuel economy and reduce emissions from vessels; providing reef-safe sunscreen - free of charge - to snor

.Travel salutes green initiatives across the world

.Travel is saluting green travel initiatives across the world for Earth Day 2009.

Earth Hour to hit major tourist draws near you

Saturday would be a great time to be an astronaut with a window seat in a rocket ship circling the earth.

SriLankan Airlines flights “go green”

SriLankan Airlines has begun transforming its worldwide operations into environment-friendly "green Flights," becoming the first airline in South Asia to make a full and unconditional commitment to en

UNWTO calls on tourism leaders to join the green economy

NEW YORK, USA / MADRID, Spain - Despite the evolving global recession, there is a real opportunity if world leaders succeed in aligning short-term response to the economic meltdown; medium-term respon

Shangri-La Industries announces completion of first LEED platinum-rated “green” aviation hangar

LOS ANGELES, CA - Shangri-La Industries introduced its newly-formed business unit, Shangri-La Construction, at today's unveiling of their inaugural project: the world's first aviation hangar to achiev

Emirates Airline launches San Francisco service with world’s longest green flight...

DUBAI, UAE – On December 15, Emirates Airline, with one of the world’s youngest fleets, will trial a new environmental program to execute the longest green journey.

Philippines offers eco-friendly resorts and activities

MANILA, Philippines - In an effort to promote sustainable development and eco-friendly travel options, the Philippines (www.experiencephilippines.ph) offers environmental tips, socio-cultural activiti

Green Meetings a success in Charlotte, North Carolina

ARLINGTON, VA - The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the trade show industry is second only to the construction industry in producing waste.

The new American landmarks are all about being green

NEW YORK, NY – The new American landmarks, all of which are changing the traveler’s landscape with modern, environmentally-tuned design, have been named by Travel + Leisure magazine.

The Legacy Hotel & Meeting Centre turns on its green program...

ROCKVILLE, MD - Spearheading the hospitality industry's efforts in Montgomery County, Maryland to be increasingly environment conscious, the Legacy Hotel & Meeting Centre launched its environmental pr

Does being “green” work for consumers?

Over the last few decades, concern for the environment has soared up the political and business agenda.
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