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Aquaponic gardening helps sustain Dubai resort

LOS ANGELES, California - JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, which was, only last year, awarded the Dubai Green Tourism Award, presented a workshop within the hospitality sector in order to encourage environme

New green city survey ranks Copenhagen No. 1

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Copenhagen is renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly capital cities in the world but a new survey now shows that Copenhagen is also a world leader in terms of its g

Transforming to the new green economy with travelism

The part played by Seychelles in the Rio+20 book that was launched at the Rio+20 conference explores why the industry is misperceived and how it can take its rightful leadership place in the transform

UN calls Asia-Pacific nations to embark on ‘green’ industrial revolution

A new United Nations report calls on countries in Asia and the Pacific to embark on a ‘green’ industrial revolution that takes advantage of improvements in resource efficiency so that they can pro

UN: Sustainable development vital to protect economies and environment

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated that humanity must give sustainable development greater attention, saying that the current model of using resources was putting a strain on ecosystems an

Sustainable development must be as much blue as it is green

Seychelles' Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ronny Jumeau, has reminded a United Nations debate on the pathway to sustainable development that the world's oceans, coasts, and

Carbon Calculator Tool built into Kenya Airline’s online booking

A program based on a “Carbon Calculator Tool” has been built into Kenya Airline’s online ticket booking process.

UN: Transition to “green economy” must aim at poverty eradication

A senior United Nations official today cautioned that the failure to tackle poverty can only lead to rising social tensions, ecological pressures and economic crisis, stressing the importance of a tra

Investing in sustainable tourism will stimulate green economy and job creation

Increased investment in sustainable tourism can boost the sector’s contribution to economic growth, development, and particularly job creation, while at the same time addressing major environmental

G20 leaders urged to invest in “green” economy

(eTN) - In what the United Nations calls a “continued push to keep the poorest and most vulnerable at the forefront of international discussions,” Ban Ki-moon, UN’s secretary general, over the w

Tourism and the G20 summit

As world leaders grapple with today’s unprecedented global economic conditions, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has said it wants to stress the potential for tourism and travel