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Zimbabwe claims “bid to sabotage UNWTO flops”

President [Robert] Mugabe yesterday took a swipe at the British and Americans for attempting to sabotage the 20th Session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization general assembly by making fa

Farewell to Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher dies

Lady Thatcher, Britain's first female prime minister and among the most influential and divisive political leaders the country has ever seen, died on Monday at the age of 87 after suffering a severe s

Falkland Islands voting on whether to remain British Overseas Territory

People living in the Falkland Islands are voting in a referendum on their political status on Sunday and Monday at a time of heightened tensions between Argentina and Britain over their sovereignty.

UK economy may be shrinking but it remains top destination for...

LONDON, England - The high street may be shrouded in recession-related gloom, yet Britain remains one of the world's most sought-after destinations for overseas shoppers seeking to splash their cash.

GREAT campaign aims to attract extra four million visitors to UK

A tourism campaign that showcases the best of Britain has been deemed a success that will add £250 million to the economy over the next two years.

Business leaders: UK needs spaceport now

Britain is at risk of losing billions if it doesn't join the space tourism race and build its own spaceport where satellites and intrepid travelers could be blasted into orbit, claim business leaders.

Top ten most popular foods for South Africans in London

LONDON, England - Food with Dutch Origins tops the list of most popular foods for South Africans in London

Australians ditching Big Ben for Great Wall of China

AS RECENTLY as 10 years ago travelling overseas meant flying to Britain (after the obligatory trip to New Zealand).

Visitors spent record £17.7 billion in Great Britain

Britain's place as a world-class destination has been cemented with the news that foreign visitors spent a record £17.7bn last year - an average of £580 per trip.

EU threatens to sue UK over “benefit tourists”

The European Commission has threatened to take legal action against Britain if ministers do not water down rules limiting foreigners’ ability to claim benefits.

Great Britain World Tour premieres in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Great Britain is in celebration mode and we're all invited.

Seychelles President sends well wishes to the royals

In a message sent to the palace, Seychelles President Michel spoke of the shared celebrations taking place across the commonwealth and the special relationship the royal couple have with Seychelles.

VisitBritain launches BritAgent online program

VisitBritain has launched its first-ever online BritAgent specialist program, designed to help agents increase productivity and efficiency when selling and booking travel to Britain.

India to be marketed in UK as medical tourism destination

Representatives of Indian healthcare sector will be in Britain next week to market India as an efficient and cost-effective medical tourism destination.

Londonderry selected to be Britain’s first city of culture

BELFAST – A Northern Irish city which endured years of unrest during the province's troubled past was Thursday selected to be Britain's first city of culture.

Chew Choon Seng: ‘Green tax’ risk to travel

Travelers from Singapore to London will have to pay as much as 100 pounds (S$229) more per round trip compared to someone flying a shorter distance if Britain increases its departure tax next year as

Other threats to British curry industry beside credit crunch

LONDON (eTN) - The international credit crunch is not the only challenge facing the curry industry in the UK today.

Guidebook paints unrosy picture of Britain

Still recovering from being slammed by former staff for instituting 80 job cuts from its home as well as overseas offices, the British Tourist Authority’s Visit Britain has come under attack again. This time the pressure is stemming from an unflattering picture of Britain portrayed by a newly-released book called “The New Rough Guide to England.”