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Chinese tourists’ graffiti deals another blow to “national image”

NANJING, China - A graffito left in an Egyptian temple by a teenage Chinese tourist and exposed online recently has caused his countryfolk to reflect on how to build a good national image.

Mainland tourist apologizes for graffiti in Taiwan under public pressure

NANJING - A Chinese mainland tourist who has been lambasted on the Internet for carving his name on a rock face in a Taiwan scenic area apologized to the public on Thursday for his misbehavior.

Brumby slams Tourism Victoria over graffiti promotion

The world's most famous graffiti artist, Banksy, once said Melbourne's street art was arguably the nation's most significant contribution to the arts since the Aborigines' pencils were stolen.

Netherlands man charged with NY `graffiti tourism’

NEW YORK - Authorities say a Dutch man who came to New York as a "graffiti tourist" has been indicted on charges of spray-painting a subway car and leading police on a dangerous chase along the tracks