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Singapore tourists’ customer satisfaction levels drop

SINGAPORE: A survey has found that tourists are less satisfied with the quality of goods and services in Singapore compared to the year before.

Cuban “mule” industry, fueled by Bush-era travel restrictions, may be on...

On the streets of Havana, sidewalk vendors offer Lacoste sunglasses, Adidas sneakers and many other foreign-designer wares - many acquired from Miami visitors who carry the goods in their luggage clai

New York? London? Moscow? Guess again…

Thinking about going traveling overseas this summer? If you’re American, you might want to avoid Japan.

Amid oil boom, inflation makes Saudis feel poorer

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Sultan al-Mazeen recently stopped at a gas station to fill up his SUV, paying 45 cents a gallon — about one-tenth what Americans pay these days.