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Caribbean tourism exploring ways to beat global recession

Policymakers, executives and other practitioners in the tourism industry will explore ways to beat the global recession, when they meet in St.

UN report: World’s largest economies avoiding protectionism

The Group of 20 (G20) largest economies are largely keeping their pledges to avoid protectionism as a reaction to the recent global recession, but the rest of the world is increasing trade barriers, a

Global recession has cost UK tour operators GBP2.1 Billion

LONDON - The recession has cost UK Tour Operators GBP2.1 billion in lost profit in the last year according to new research by market analysts Plimsoll.

Weathering the storm of global recession: the challenge for destination management

Analyzing the main challenges for tourism destinations in the face of the global economic downturn was the main objective of the 5th International Conference on Destination Management (Hangzhou, China

Global recession forcing Pacific people into poverty

In a report to the 16-member Pacific Islands Forum from the regional powers of Australia and New Zealand, it states that the global recession has cut economic growth and government revenues in vulnera

Delta to make “deep cuts” in its international flight schedule

CHICAGO - Delta Air Lines Inc. said it will make deeper cuts to its international flight schedule this autumn, as the global recession continues to hurt passenger traffic.

Asian businesses in UK to lead fight in global recession

LONDON (eTN) - This has been a turbulent year rocked by what some analysts have called the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression nearly 80 years ago.

Global recession hits Goa tourism industry

PANAJI - Global recession has badly hit Goa's tourism industry forcing almost 20 percent downfall in tourist arrival to the coastal state, experts feel.