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134 soldiers buried in Giyari sector Siachen Glacier

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) - The chances of survival of more than 130 Pakistani soldiers buried under 80 feet of snow in a remote area in the north when an avalanche hit their camp are rare and meager.

Highest glacier region battleground on Earth: avalanche traps 130

ISLAMABAD - More than 130 Pakistani soldiers are buried under 80 feet of snow in a remote area in the north when an avalanche hit their camp.

Glacier rip forces new route for hikers and mountain climbers to...

(eTN) - Following the recent opening of a deep and several meter wide crevice, which cuts across the traditional ascent route to the Margherita Peak (5,109 meters above sea level) in the Rwenzori Moun

Perito Moreno still grows, draws tourists

Viewed at a safe distance from small cruise boats or a wooden observation deck, the jagged surface of Argentina's Perito Moreno shimmers a white-blue.

Car rental company relents on bill after tourists crushed by glacier

WELLINGTON — A car hire company reversed course Wednesday after angering New Zealand's prime minister for charging a tourist family for not returning their car after their sons were crushed by glaci

Call of the Bute Inlet wild

Prior to my trip to British Columbia’s Bute Inlet, I half-heartedly agreed to going.

2 tourists drown as chunk of Greenland glacier breaks off

COPENHAGEN - Two Danish tourists photographing a glacier in Greenland were killed on the weekend when chunks of ice fell into the water, creating a giant wave that drowned them, Greenlandic radio KNR

Japanese tourists spend extra week on Denali glacier

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Ten tourists who got caught in strong winds and a blizzard and were almost out of food were flown off a glacier on Mount McKinley over the weekend.The bad weather turned a weeklong stay into a two-week adventure that ended Sunday.Hudson Air made four trips to retrieve a dozen people from the Ruth Glacier, a base camp at 5,500 feet.

Tourist busted tagging glacier

A German tourist has spent a day and a half chipping spraypaint off a world famous glacier after he was caught red-handed defacing the natural wonder.Police in New Zealand said English tourists photographed 28-year-old Munich man Jan Philip Scharbert as he tagged rock walls and even the ice at Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island's west coast last Thursday.