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Tourism stakeholders told to go beyond green in order to develop...

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Tourism industry specialists and policy makers have been told that going green is no longer enough if the Caribbean wants to develop a world-class sustainable tourism product.

Geotourism concept originator Jonathan Tourtellot wants Caribbean to protect its character

The man who originated the concept of geotourism, Jonathan Tourtellot, has said that the Caribbean tourism product will be a lot more competitive if its social fabric, ecology, architecture, cuisine,

The shift to geotourism – engaging in cultural travel experiences

It used to be that American tourists sought familiarity in even the most exotic destinations they traveled to.

National Geographic partners with Oregon and Washington to launch geotourism project

WASHINGTON - National Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations has joined organizations in Washington and Oregon to publicize the world-class natural and cultural attractions of the Ce