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Report on plane crash used as pretext for genocide in Rwanda...

KIGALI, Rwanda - The Government of Rwanda today welcomed the report of the experts appointed by French Judges Marc Trevidic and Nathalie Poux that identified Kanombe Military Barracks as the launch si

Rwanda celebrates Liberation Day

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - Rwanda celebrated its 15th Liberation Day during the week, remembering the day when the murderous regime of hard line Hutus came crashing down upon the final onslaught of the R

Rwanda: A victim of a charade

Last week, Germany became the unwitting accomplice in executing an “arrest warrant” against Rwanda’s Chief of Protocol, Col.

More bad news from Congo, UN MUNOC forces under growing pressure

eTN has in past months repeatedly mentioned the seemingly dubious role the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mission des Nations Unies en République Démocratique du Congo (

Tourists visit genocide memorials in Rwanda

KIGALI, Rwanda—Visiting places famous for death is nothing new.

‘Killing Fields’ hero laid to rest

South Plainfield, New Jersey (US ASIAN WIRE) -- Years later, as he stood in a funeral home here, Sydney Schanberg remembered the day he stood before a Khmer Rouge firing squad in Cambodia.