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Murder of prominent gay rights activist in Uganda condemned

The United Nations today condemned the murder of a prominent gay activist and human rights defender in Uganda and called on the Government to ensure the security of gays in a country where homosexuali

Wealthy Indian gays taking claim to the so-called pink economy

NEW DELHI – From nightclubs to publishing, the decriminalization of gay sex in India is facilitating a new, multimillion dollar niche market.

Survey: 41% of foreign gays think they’re unwelcome in Tel Aviv

In the eyes of Israelis, Tel Aviv may be a liberal and gay-friendly city, but a new survey of gays from abroad found Tel Aviv unsafe, intolerant and too religious.

Iowa tourist officials target the annual gay weekend at Disneyland

Iowa tourist officials have targeted the annual gay weekend at Disneyland to market the Hawkeye state for gay and lesbian weddings, which are legal there but illegal in California.

Same-sex marriage fuels tourism for gays and lesbians

The world has gotten a lot bigger and a lot friendlier for gay and lesbian travelers since Hanns Ebensten led a group of men down the Colorado River in 1972.

Thai school offers transsexual toilet

With its spacious, tree-lined grounds and slightly threadbare classrooms, there is nothing obviously unusual about the Kampang Secondary School.