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Jamaican violence escalates as gunbattles rage on in Kingston slums

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Security forces fought their way into the warren-like complex that is the slum stronghold of a Jamaican gang leader facing extradition to the United States and sporadic gunfire c

Forget Hollywood! How about L.A. Gang Tours?

While Los Angeles already has bus tours of celebrities' homes, which you'll notice through the Hollywood area, a new company is offering tours of gang-turf throughout South Central, Los Angeles.

Hotel gangs rob Carnival tourists in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO - POLICE are stepping up security in Rio de Janeiro after armed men hit two hotels, robbing 47 tourists in the Brazilian city for its famed Carnival festivities.

Baja California still safe for tourists, travel club exec says

Surfers, fishermen, hunters, golfers or anyone else monitoring the high level of drug-related violence in northern Baja California must be wondering what I'm wondering: When will cartel members, who a

Tourists in Cambridge are being targeted by menacing gangs of youths

Groups of teenagers as young as 10 are loitering on bridges over the River Cam and stealing the poles used to steer the boats as they pass by.