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Libyan speaks out about brutality and current life in Tripoli under...

According to a Libyan government spokesman, Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab, was killed during a NATO airstrike on Saturday, April 30.

Kenya in final stage to freeze Gaddafi’s assets

(eTN) - The Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, acquired by Gaddafi’s Libya under most controversial circumstances some time ago, is bracing itself to have the "Laico" in the name taken off.

Arusha hopes to benefit from “court tourism”

(eTN) - News broke overnight that the Arusha-based African Court of Justice and Human Rights in Tanzania has issued an order for Gaddafi and his bunch of goons to appear before court and defend themse

Is Gaddafi moving to Zimbabwe?

(eTN) - As President Robert Mugabe’s staunch ally, Muammar Gaddafi battles to violently halt revolt against his four-decade-long reign.

Two Earthquakes

“A strong 8.9 on the scale earthquake shook Japan last week.

Gadaffi’s guards in fist fights at African Union summit

UGANDA (eTN) - As seen before during past state visits, the extra large contingent of security brought by Libyan leader, Gaddafi, came to blows again with their Ugandan counterparts.

More recognition for Southern Sudan

It was welcome news for the government and people of Southern Sudan, when the EU last week formally opened a representative office in Juba.

Gaddafi on Kenya Grand Regency cries: It’s mine

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - The heated controversy in Kenya over the mystery sale of the Grand Regency Hotel to the Libyan Arab Africa Investment Company, and, in particular, the ongoing inquiry held by v