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100 pilots to be furloughed by Comair

CINCINNATI — Comair says it expects to furlough up to 100 additional pilots between September and the end of the year in the wake of parent company Delta Air Lines Inc.'s decision to make service cu

United Airlines to furlough 2,150 flight attendants in the fall

United Airlines flight attendants' efforts to protect American jobs when considering the anti-trust immunity filing to join Continental with United and the Star Alliance, take on extraordinary meaning

400 US Airways flight attendants asked to take furloughs

US Airways Group Inc. is asking 400 flight attendants to take voluntary furloughs and leave as it faces overstaffing in the wake of flight reductions.

American Airlines plans furloughs on April 1

FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines Inc.

United Airlines expands furlough mitigation efforts

CHICAGO, IL - United Airlines announced that as of today 322 employees represented by the International Association of Machinists (IAM) have taken advantage of the Early Out and Voluntary Furlough pro

United to furlough 1,550 flight attendants

MINNEAPOLIS - United Airlines announced it will furlough 1,550 flight attendants as it reduces its flying this fall.

United Airlines announces Early Out Program for International Association of Machinists

CHICAGO, Illinois - United Airlines and the International Association of Machinists (IAM) today announced that they have come to an agreement on an opportunity for eligible customer service and ramp e

American Airlines: 900 flight attendants may be furloughed

American Airlines confirmed Wednesday it sent a "WARN" letter to its 900 most junior flight attendants, advising them they are subject to furlough effective Aug. 31.