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Top 10 European holiday hotspots: Best and worst fuel costs 2013

LONDON, England - Thinking of hiring a car this summer? Here are the top 10 holiday hotspots ranked based on fuel prices

Canada’s airlines hoping to return to the black in 2013

OTTAWA, Canada - Canada's airlines can expect a second consecutive year of losses in 2012, according to The Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Industrial Outlook: Canada's Air Transportation Indust

AirAsia posts strong performance despite high fuel prices

LONDON, England – AirAsia Berhad recorded a growth in operating profit in 1Q11, in what Group CEO Tony Fernandes hailed as “excellent despite high fuel prices.”

Summer airfares likely to soar

MUMBAI, India - Soaring fuel prices and rising passenger demand will make summer travel to international destinations costlier by 15%-20% from a year earlier, said aviation and travel trade experts.

Rising fuel prices put a strain on Uganda air operators

UGANDA (eTN) - The weakness of the Uganda Shilling combined with rising international crude oil prices have driven fuel prices to new record highs in the country, with petrol now costing in excess of

Pragmatism prevails for Bangkok Airways President

BERLIN (eTN )- Consolidation of its existing network, careful expansion are the leitmotivs of Bangkok Airways President Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth.

IATA: Global air industry will face setback

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that fuel prices could increase and the global aviation industry will face a setback while Japan recovers from the earthquake.

AMR Corporation reports Q3 profit of $143 million

FORT WORTH, Texas - AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, Inc., today reported a net profit of $143 million for the third quarter of 2010, or $0.39 per diluted share.

Gary Kelly: Unstable fuel prices still a big risk for airline...

CHICAGO - The outlook for Southwest Airlines is much brighter in 2010 than it was a year ago, but volatile fuel costs are still a big risk for the industry, Southwest's chief executive said on Wednesd

A 1-2-3 punch for airline passengers?

Corporate travel and ticket sales of premium seats are down. Overall demand is weak. And fuel prices are rising — again.

Air Mauritius being strangled by fuel prices

It has now been confirmed that Air Mauritius will continue to pay US4105 dollars per barrel of oil until 2010 even though the price on the world market has dropped to 35 dollars per barrel all.

Kenya Airways in danger

Kenya Airways CEO, Titus Naikuni, has warned that the airline’s operations could be in trouble unless improvement is made in there Kenya’s jet fuel stocks.

ITB World Travel Trends Report: despite higher fuel prices, car trips...

BERLIN – For the moment, one of the most conspicuous travel trends of recent years seems to have been checked. For the first time, holidaymakers are increasingly favoring car and train travel.

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


R.O.A.R.: Fuel prices are not to blame

Having been in the travel agency business for over 20 years, I have witnessed some good years and bad years.

And it all comes crashing down…

Will the travel and tourism industry be the next to follow the economic travails of real estate foreclosures and banking meltdowns in the United States that is ailing the world's economy?

St. Ange’s Indian Ocean tourism report


The beleaguered plight of US airlines

Year 2008 will be another year reported to see year-on-year decline in traffic. The last five or six years showed the market actually contracted.

GOL announces revised fleet plan and reduces growth

SAO PAULO, Brazil (August 6, 2008) - GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A., the parent company of Brazilian airlines GOL Transportes Aereos S.A.

SriLankan Airlines tackles impact of high fuel prices

SriLankan Airlines is moving swiftly to minimize the impact of skyrocketing fuel prices with a series of decisive actions throughout the airline.

Continental Airlines announces second quarter loss

HOUSTON, Texas - Continental Airlines today reported a second quarter 2008 net loss of $3 million ($0.03 diluted loss per share).

AMR Corp. parent company of American Airlines reports 2008 second quarter...

FORT WORTH, Texas - AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, Inc., today reported a net loss of $1.4 billion for the second quarter of 2008 or $5.77 per share.

ExpressJet Airlines suspends branded commercial operations

HOUSTON, Texas - ExpressJet Airlines announced today that it will suspend flying under several lines of its at-risk flying operations in September 2008.

Fly free, pay for fuel days ahead?

In the face of shrinking profit margins, ballooning cost of fuel in the foreseeable future, airlines may be forced to face the reality of flying passengers for free, paying only for fuel and airport c

Spirit Airlines attacks record fuel prices

MIRAMAR, Florida - Spirit Airlines attacks record high fuel prices by revising 2008 growth, cutting 15% of non-fuel costs, continuing to increase non-ticket revenue and continuing to expand to the Car

African aviation on the abyss

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - With aviation fuel prices in Entebbe now standing at US$1.17 per liter of JetA1 and an astonishing US$2.38 per liter of AVGAS, worries among aviation staff are spreading as the

Biofuels become aviation’s big focus

As concerns about global warming intensify throughout the world, aviation is receiving a disproportionate level of scrutiny for its contribution to total global production of greenhouse gases.

Oil-fueled catastrophe in the airline industry would cripple US economy and...

A new study prepared by the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) has revealed that the skyrocketing price of aviation fuel will have devastating implications far beyond new surcharges for checked bags and