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Seychelles plus the press equals tourism success

The recent successes of Seychelles and its tourism industry is due partly to the support it has received from the press the world over.

Chinese International Club Magazine reports on Seychelles tourism

Last week eTN brought out the innovative approach by Seychelles in working with the press and in developing their unique very own Friends of Seychelles-Press club.

Seychelles expands its circle of press friends

The Seychelles continues to push ahead with their program of naming members from the press fraternity to become part of their unique and exclusive club named the "Friends of Seychelles-Press."

ETN ambassador recognized by Seychelles for journalistic work

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, called on Prof. Dr.

Seychelles recognizes Dubai journalist

The "Friends of Seychelles-Press" program is an initiative launched by the Seychelles Tourism Board some two years ago to develop a loyalty brand for Seychelles by members of the press who knows the S

Seychelles continues its work on the press

The Seychelles Tourism Board today issued its first newsletter dedicated to all those members of the press falling into the grouping of the "Friends of Seychelles–Press."

Mikhail Gusman of ITAR-TASS receive Friends of Seychelles – Press certificate

The Seychelles innovative press program called "Friends of Seychelles - Press" continues to grow. This week Mr.

Seychelles continues to recognize international press partners

The Seychelles Islands continued during the London 2010 World Travel Market (WTM) with its recognition process of International Press personalities by presenting certificates of the "Friends of Seyche

eTurboNews awarded Friends of Seychelles Press certificate

In recognition of the importance of the media to Seychelles in its ongoing campaign to raise its tourism profile and win market share in both traditional and emerging markets, the Seychelles Tourism B