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Kenya Airways announces codeshare with Etihad

(eTN) - Following the progressive partnership between Abu Dhabi’s national airline, Etihad (EY), and European mega carrier KLM/Air France, it comes as no particular surprise, other than the timing,

American Air and WestJet team up to offer frequent fliers more...

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines and Canadian carrier WestJet Airlines® are expanding their cooperative relationship by introducing reciprocal frequent flier opportunities.

Delta Air Lines violates own customer service commitments

WASHINGTON, DC - Two business travelers, inadvertently making side-by-side reservations, discovered Delta Air Lines displayed different airfares for the same trip for frequent fliers compared with air

Wanted: Elite frequent fliers

Delta Air Lines’ merger with Northwest Airlines has the potential to bring together 74 million frequent fliers, as well as attract new ones drawn to their combined collection of global routes.

Delta, Midwest form frequent-flier accord

Midwest Airlines has extended a reciprocal frequent flier agreement with Northwest Airlines Corp. to include Delta Air Lines Inc., the parent company of Northwest.