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Japan tourism chief: More action needed to achieve goal of 10...

TOKYO, Japan - The rapid drop in yen helped lure a record 3.17 million tourists to Japan from January to April, but achieving the government’s goal of 10 million this year will require more work, Ja

Degradation of Phuket blamed on rapid development of mass tourism industry

PHUKET, Thailand - The Senate Standing Committee on Tourism yesterday highlighted a series of issues plaguing Phuket due to the rapid development of the province into a major center for mass tourism i

Myanmar airport prepares for surge in passenger numbers

YANGON, MYANMAR – Yangon International Airport (YIA) in Myanmar is gearing up for projected 20% annual growth with new common-use systems from air transport IT specialist, SITA , as the country wel

Tourist spending in Macau up 10 percent

MACAU - Macau saw the total spending of visitors (excluding gaming expenses) reached 14.5 billion patacas (1.81 billion U.S.

Malaysia aims for USD 60 Billion in tourist receipts by 2020

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysia posted an impressive overall tourism growth in 2012, capping off a string of tourism accolades that placed the nation in the global limelight.

North Korea opens border town to Western visitors

"Warmly welcome Simon Cockerell David."

Tourists flock to Vietnam’s ancient town of Hoi An

HOI AN, Vietnam - Over the past few years, the ancient town of Hoi An, located some 650 km south of Hanoi, is now becoming a favorite tourist destination in Vietnam.

Shaikh Mohammed sets ambitious tourism targets for Dubai

DUBAI - Setting an ambitious but realistic tourism target, Dubai on Saturday unveiled its grand vision that seeks to draw 20 million visitors per year and Dh300 billion in annual revenues by 2020.

Indonesia launches tourism campaign to attract more Saudi visitors

Indonesia has launched a major drive to attract more Saudi tourists this year. Its new two-day promotion ended at the Mall of Arabia this week.

Icelanders starting to ask how many tourists the tiny nation can...

THINGVELLIR, Iceland — In Iceland's Thingvellir national park, a wooden bridge covers a crack in the paved road leading to the site where the world's oldest parliament was founded in 930.

Thai Tourist Court to deliver fast justice to foreign tourists

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thailand may set up a Tourist Court to make fast delivery of justice to foreign tourists who would otherwise depart from this country before any lawsuits they have filed could be j

Minister: Fewer tourists visiting Scotland, spending less money

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Fewer tourists are visiting Scotland, according to official figures.

Greece expects tourism revenues to bounce back this year

ATHENS, Greece - Greek tourism revenues are expected to bounce back this year to pre-crisis levels, the industry said on Thursday following the return of political stability to the country.

Two tourists injured in elephant attack in South Africa

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa - Two tourists visiting a national park were injured after an elephant charged and overturned their car.

China’s tourism numbers drop

BEIJING, China - China saw tourism numbers drop year on year in the first quarter, while more Chinese went abroad, the China National Tourism Administration said Friday.

Goa Tourism announces strict measures to ensure tourist safety

MUMBAI, India - In the aftermath of multiple incidents involving crimes against tourists in the state and travel advisories issued by multiple countries against India, the Department of Tourism, Gover

Despite rhetoric and war threats, South Korea’s tourism up 11.9 percent

SEOUL, Republic of Korea - "So, how can we promote Seoul as a safe destination in the foreign media in the midst of the current North Korea situation?"

Thai Tourist Police promoting iPhone ‘Tourist Buddy’ app

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thai Tourist Police are promoting the use of an app, Tourist Buddy, which is now available at the iTunes store.

Nepal wants to attract visitors interested in its rich history and...

KATHMANDU, Nepal - Nepal's most iconic symbol - Mount Everest, the world's highest peak - and other tall mountains attract tens of thousands of foreign tourists, particularly from Western Europe, the

Tourists shunning India over sexual assault fears

The number of foreign tourists arriving in India dropped by 25% during the first three months of this year, largely because of fears about the risk of sexual assault, according to an industry survey.

Chinese vast “red tourism” industry benefits country’s economy

BEIJING, China - Wu Yongtang's great advantage is having a mole on his chin almost exactly where Mao Zedong did.

Two Iceland tourists die while skydiving in Florida

Two skydivers from Iceland, one an instructor and the other a student, have died after a skydiving jump, Florida media reports.

Czech tourism brings $4.55 billion annually into state budget

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Revenues from tourism brought over Kc90bn ($4,55 billion US) annually to the state budget in the years 2010 and 2011 so there are signs of improvement for tourism, according t

Thailand tells visitors not to buy any ivory products

Foreigners visiting Thailand have been advised not to buy elephant tusks or any ivory products, even if it is something as small as an earring or a bracelet.

Study: Asian tourism to Japan to increase by 41 percent

TOKYO, Japan - The number of tourists visiting Japan from other Asian countries by 2017 is forecast to be 41 percent higher than last year’s total, according to a study by the Development Bank of Ja

Room shortages and inflated rates could undermine Myanmar tourism

YANGON, Myanmar - A shortage of hotel rooms, plus widespread overcharging, threaten to damage the long-term future of the country’s tourist industry, observers are warning.

Over 10 million tourists came to Dubai in 2012

DUBAI, UAE - Dubai welcomed more than 10 million tourists for the first time last year as the emirate experienced a surge in visitors.

UK’s rich heritage remains strong draw for visitors

A survey of Hosted Buyers attending this year’s March Marketplace (MAMA) shows that the UK’s rich heritage remains a strong draw for visitors to these shores.

Spain named cheapest holiday destination in Europe

LONDON, England - Spain has been named as the cheapest holiday destination in Europe in the seventh annual Post Office report on holiday costs.

Nepal’s tourist numbers expected to drop due to unstable political situation

KATHMANDU, Nepal - Due to the unstable political situation‚ traditional marketing plans‚ and lack of proper strategy‚ tourism entrepreneurs have said that 2013 might observe a fall in total tour