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Traveling abroad? Don’t make yourself a target by sticking out as...

Going to travel abroad? Here's a tip: Blend. Don't stick out as a tourist because it's like wearing a "Mug me!" sign, travel experts say.

Cubans no longer need exit permit to travel abroad

HAVANA, Cuba - Mileidy Ramayo hasn't seen her father since he left Cuba on a raft but is hoping the loosening of travel restrictions might help bring that reunion closer to taking place.

China’s senior citizens are increasingly visiting Russia

Gray power is on the rise in the tourism market as China's senior citizens are increasingly visiting Russia.

Chinese overseas tourism booming

Residents from the Chinese mainland spend $874 on shopping overseas on each trip on average, the most among Asian countries and regions, according to a survey released by Travelzoo Inc, a global Inter

Bowler: NZ tourisn needs to up service standards and improve quality

The past three years have been tough for tourism. The global financial crisis, fuel prices, exchange rates and two crippling earthquakes have taken their toll.

The Olympics? We’d rather go on holiday!

LONDON, England - Only 7% of Brits to attend the London Olympics as homeowners tap in to the potential and rent out their property.

How US issues travel alerts and warnings

As riots sweep several British cities, the U.S. State Department is cautioning Americans in the U.K.

Brits tire of staycations

Staycationing may be an inelegant description, but it was music to the ears of Britain's beleaguered tourism industry, heralding, as it did, a chorus of ringing cash tills.