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The big reveal: oneworld’s newest member – Royal Air Maroc

Oneworld, an airline alliance, started February 1, 1999 and currently has 14 members, thanks to the new addition of Royal Air Maroc.

Vietnam Tourism Roadshow pulls in to New Delhi

The Embassy of the S.R. of Vietnam, in association with OM Tourism, organized the Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in New Delhi, India.

Philippines targets 10 million international visitors by 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Tourism (DOT), in partnership with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) – Dr. Andrew L.

Singapore’s air pollutant levels reach 16-year high

SINGAPORE - Singapore’s smog problem from forest fires in Indonesia worsened as air pollutant levels reached a 16-year high.

Rio prices go through the roof for World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Tourists planning to flock to Brazil for the World Cup a year from now should brace for some of the world's highest housing, restaurant and transport prices.

Zaazou: Egyptian tourism sector a “dark horse”

CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou says that tourism is the "dark horse" that can save the economy in the coming phase, according to MENA news agency reports Thursday.

Chinese tourism to Australia up 17 percent

MELBOURNE, Australia - More Chinese tourists than British are visiting Australia despite strong Australian dollar.

Official: Modified starch fear can hurt Taiwan’s tourism

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Foreign visitor arrivals in Taiwan could be hurt by an ongoing scare over the use of banned industrial ingredients in edible modified starches, tourism industry representatives said W

Travel to Libya: Eight things to know before the trip

Following Libya's revolution, oil production has been restored and the country has slipped from the front pages.

Mauritius cuts its forecast for visitor arrivals

Mauritius's earnings from tourism dropped 12.4 percent from a year earlier to 12.06 billion rupees ($386 million) in the first three months of this year as the weak economic environment in Europe hurt

UAE tops Middle East with $10 billion in tourism receipts

The UAE has topped the Middle East region for international tourism receipts in 2012, according to data released by the UN’s World Tourism Organisation.

Ireland’s booming golf sector pulls over €200m into tourism economy

DUBLIN, Ireland - Ireland is a nation with many fine golf courses and they are proving their worth, as research shows that the booming golf sector pulls more than €200m into the tourism economy.

Brazil tourist numbers soar ahead of 2014 World Cup

Last year, the number of tourists visiting Brazil grew by 4.5 percent, compared to 2011, according to the Brazilian tourism board, Embratur.

Chile launches new international tourism campaign

SANTIAGO, Chile - A new campaign of Chile's for international tourism promotion was launched by the Subsecretaría de Turismo (Under Secretariat for Tourism) and Turismo Chile, the institution respons

Kashmir tourism expects another record season

As the temperatures rise in the plains so do the tourist arrivals in Kashmir, with people associated with the industry praying for another record season this summer.

Bengal to introduce tourist police

KOLKATA, India - The West Bengal Government plans to introduce a special police force for tourist destinations in the State soon. According to Krishnendu N.

Egypt’s tourism minister: Booze, bikinis ok, we need tourists

Egypt is open to visitors who drink alcohol and wear bikinis, the tourism minister has said, as the Islamist-ruled country sets out to boost numbers by at least a fifth this year.

Not all roads lead to Rome: 12 alternative Italian travel destinations

Tired of Rome? Done Milan? Kids start crying whenever you suggest another EM Forster tour of Florence?

Making Japan a tourism-oriented country

Increasing the number of foreign visitors and turning this into economic growth - the goal of making Japan a tourism-oriented nation - will require combined efforts by the public and private sectors.

Spiritual tourism has grown fast in terms of destinations and marketing...

Spiritual tourism has grown fast in terms of destinations and marketing potential, a tourism practitioner said.

Goa airport will now offer visa on arrival for foreign tourists

MUMBAI, India - Five more international airports across the country, including the one in Goa, will now offer visa on arrival facilities to foreign tourists.

Israeli security allowed to demand access to tourists’ email accounts

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israeli security officials at Ben Gurion airport are legally allowed to demand access to tourists' email accounts and deny them entry if they refuse, the country's top legal offi

Philippines to pitch diving as leisure activity for foreign tourists

MANILA, Philippines - Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) 7 will intensify its marketing campaign for various tourism products of the Philippines, but particularly high-value diving as a leisure ac

Abu Dhabi trying to position itself as major tourism hub

ABU DHABI/MUSCAT - Abu Dhabi is trying to position itself as an attractive tourism destination, with massive investments in airport facilities, airline connectivity as well as hotel rooms.

Indian tourism wants visa-on-arrival facility at more airports

JAIPUR, India - India's Tourism Ministry is in talks with the Ministries of Home Affairs and External Affairs to extend the visa-on-arrival facility at more airports like Bangalore and Hyderabad to vi
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