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Foreign Office warns UK tourists not to bring any whale meat...

Up to 70,000 Britons who visit Iceland each year have been given a stiff warning by the Foreign Office not to bring home any whale meat, saying to do so is in breach of international law protecting en

UK warns Brits to stay away from coastal areas in Kenya

The British Government has changed its advice to tourists visiting the Kenyan coast following the kidnap of a French woman by Somali pirates.

Brits advised against travel to Tokyo

The Foreign Office is continuing to advise British travelers against all non-essential travel to Tokyo and north east Japan as it revealed that more than 500 Britons in Japan have been given iodine ta

British tourists told to avoid Thailand as protests turn violent

British tourists have been warned to avoid travelling to Thailand as violent political protests erupted into running battles that resulted in the death of a soldier and left 18 wounded.

Foreign Office advises UK tourists to steer clear of Samoa

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website has been amended today to advise against all but essential travel to Samoa until further notice.

UK tourists warned of a ”general threat” of terrorism against Germany

The Foreign Office said a video message - claimed to have been made by al Qaida - had been released urging Germans not to re-elect its government and to remove its troops from Afghanistan.

UK sets sex code for its tourists

British holidaymakers to the United Arab Emirates have been told not to have sex outside marriage or kiss in public in strong government warnings over how to behave in Muslim countries.

Britain ‘will not charter planes to evacute tourists from Thailand’

British tourists stranded in Thailand face uncertainty over when they will be able to get out after the Foreign Office said it would not charter flights to evacuate those unable to get home.

Girlfriend of murdered tourist accuses Foreign Office of cover up

Stephen Bennett was killed in India nearly two years ago, but his death has remained unsolved. His girlfriend, Kate Rea claims the Foreign Office "misled and lied" to his family.