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UN: North Korea cannot feed its people for the “foreseeable future”

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) cannot feed its people for the “foreseeable future,” the United Nations relief chief reported today, urging the world to step up humanitarian sup

UN: Horn of Africa food crisis remains dire

The United Nations agricultural agency today called for greater efforts bring the food crisis in the Horn of Africa under control, saying that famine conditions had spread to a sixth area in Somalia,

UN meeting in Rome discusses ways to tackle Horn of Africa...

A United Nations-convened meeting to discuss ways to boost food security in the drought-prone Horn of Africa got under way in Rome today, as humanitarian agencies step up their response to cholera and

UN calls for more aid at world’s biggest refugee camp

The United Nations humanitarian chief earlier this week toured the world's largest refugee camp, telling residents of Dadaab in north-eastern Kenya that the international community must do more to hel

Egypt, Food, and Tourism

Over the next few weeks we should expect to hear a great deal about the situation in Egypt. Commentators will speak about the ideals of democracy and politicians will each provide their own spin.

Colombia touts Latin America as part of solution for UN goals

(eTN) - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos last week in New York at the UN General Assembly promoted the vital role that the resources of Latin America can play in achieving many of the global goa

UN air service to halt aid flights in West Africa

LAS VEGAS (eTN) - A lack of funding has forced the United Nations food aid agency to suspend humanitarian flights to three West African countries from tomorrow, the agency reported Tuesday, June 15.

Climate change messes with the food chain

Scientists concerned with the biological effects of climate change are focusing on what some call “the grass of the sea.” These are tiny water plants known technically as phytoplankton.

Green Globe has its growing pains, too, including the Caribbean

There were murmurs within the industry that Green Globe International was having a bit of an affliction within in own organization.

Bali: An island that hungers and thirsts

Recent changes in custom duties charged on imported food and beverage and burdensome certification requirements for foreign food stuffs threaten to soon find the shelves of many specialty food stores

G-8 summit: show of arrogance or chance to end global food...

The United Nations secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, has said the ongoing Group of Eight (G-8) summit in Hokkaido, Japan, is a chance to end the global food crisis.

Seychelles parliament mum on food prices increase

VICTORIA, Seychelles (eTN) - 
The Seychelles speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie, has rejected a request from the opposition party to hold an emergency session to discuss the food prices increase. The request was made when the National Assembly was in recess.

Food prices likely to increase, UN report claims

The looming food crisis has been predicted to become the tipping point of a shift in certain economics. Some experts project those countries with abundant supply of certain food items will move upwards in the economic ladder.

Food and oil scarcity means tougher times ahead

Professor Norbert Walter, chief economist of Deutsche Bank Group and head of Deutsche Bank Research, is worried about the present. “When times are critical for the world economy, except for Russia, the world lacks dependable leaders. When the economy is a problem, social issues and environment also pose a grave problem.

Is climate change causing global food crisis?

(eTN) - The cost of agricultural commodities has leaped to record highs and supply of daily foodstuffs such as rice, wheat, cereals, meat, eggs and dairy products has become scare, begging the question: Is climate change, droughts and floods in the Asian region to blame for the growing tensions over shortages of food?