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SkyWest Airlines to fly as US Airways Express

ST. GEORGE, Utah - SkyWest Airlines, a subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc.

O’Leary: Ditch co-pilot, let the bloody computer fly the plane

He's already suggested installing coin-operated lavatories and selling standing room on flights, so it may not be surprising that the latest idea from the colorful CEO of Ryanair is once again pushing

Make sure you have seat assignment in advance

American Airlines recently began charging passengers to sit in the front of coach class during domestic flights, and there has been a lot of grumbling about it.

Ten ways of beating airlines at their own game

Is flying today a game? You bet and the odds are stacked against you.

Mexicana CEO: At least $100M required to keep carrier airborne

Mexico City - Debt-ridden airline Mexicana de Aviacion needs a cash injection of at least $100 million to keep flying, the company's chief executive said on Tuesday.

United reports $273M 2Q profit

MINNEAPOLIS — The parent of United Airlines said on Tuesday that it earned $273 million in the second quarter, its best result in almost three years.

Lufthansa to begin flying into Pointe Noire in Central Africa

Beginning November 3 and pending regulatory approval, Lufthansa will begin flying five flights weekly to Pointe Noire in Central Africa.

Taking fun out of flying

When it comes to air travel, no matter where you look, the story is the same: With constant delays, oversold flights, hidden fees and stuck-on-the-tarmac horror stories, flying is just not fun.

Airlines’ quest to cut costs continues

Southwest Airlines has made lemonade out of lemons, squeezing a projected $100,000 annual savings out of eliminating the fruit from its beverage service.

Airline of The Week: V Australia

What's to love about this new airline from Richard Branson? A lot. Let's start with the obvious - really low fares on it's routes between Australia and west coast USA.

Airlines get help from cruise industry

The North American cruise line industry is fueling the economy and providing a significant economic boost to airlines that ferry cruise passengers to embarkation points.

Trading miles is another way to fly

Scott Hintz needed more miles with American Airlines to book a free trip to Morocco this spring, and he had several thousand miles from another carrier that he thought might be just the ticket.

June data: Bargains for flyers, burn for airlines

The Air Transport Association reports that passenger revenue for U.S.

Kids flying solo

Numerous children ages 5-17 fly within the U.S. without an adult during summer. If your child will be among them, use this update on fees and tips to make the trip smooth.

Airline of the week – Air Tahiti Nui

This week we're giving a shout out to Air Tahiti Nui for providing an outstanding flying experience in the BACK of the plane.

Drop in US flying demand will accelerate, FAA says

A decline in the number of passengers boarding U.S. domestic flights will accelerate this year as the recession saps travel demand, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Which is safer: The drive to the airport or the flight?

Recent events had me wondering about the accuracy of the old axiom that you're more likely to be killed on the drive to the airport than on the flight.

Five big changes coming to air travel in 2009

Big changes in the world of air travel are coming in 2009. From merger mania to airport security adjustments, here's what's on our shortlist of important changes in the year ahead.Merger Mania

Flying ‘A La Carte’: Consumers dislike fees, but are willing to...

Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, today released a new survey that, for the first time, captures sentiment around emerging airline

Fighting airline fees: Will passengers vote with their wallets?

At Cleveland Hopkins International Airport yellow strips of tape, like you might see surrounding a crime scene or a dangerous construction zone, are draped across the guide ropes at the Southwest Airl

$1,000 domestic airfares may keep travelers from flying

To many American leisure travelers, a $1,000 round-trip airline ticket might conjure a dream vacation to Rome, Rio de Janeiro or Sydney.

Pilots forced to fly low on fuel worry about safety

Less than a month after pilots at US Airways took out a full-page ad in USA Today accusing the carrier of skimping on fuel loads to save money, pilots at other airlines are continuing to sound the ala

Indian worker’s ordeal ends as airline agrees to fly him home

RIYADH — An Indian expatriate from Dhahran was allowed to board a flight home yesterday, ending a monthlong ordeal that began when he collapsed at the airport in Bahrain on May 12.“The airline has flown Kumar back to India,” said Abdul Razak, spokesman for Qatar Airways in Riyadh.

Rising costs reshaping air travel across the USA

Record-high oil prices are threatening to ground millions of travelers who have grown accustomed to flying for fun and business during the past 30 years.

Business-class airline Silverjet says it has investor to keep it flying

LONDON — Business-class airline Silverjet PLC, strained by high fuel prices and tight credit conditions, said Wednesday it had found a Middle East investor willing to pump US$100 million into the airline to keep it flying.

Learn the rules before your kid flies on an airline alone

Many families purchase tickets for children who will be flying solo to visit a parent, to see grandparents or to go to camp. With the summer travel season approaching, it's a good time to review airline policies.

Despite news of possible faulty airline equipment, flying is safe

Judging from the recent news out of the airline industry, you would think boarding a commercial flight would be a guaranteed death sentence.