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Fly 540 and FastJet set to drop legal cases through negotiated...

(eTN) - Fly 540 and FastJet have dropped their mutual court action, which reflected widely different understandings and perceptions on the state of their agreements of cooperation and sale of shares.

It is all lies says Fly540

(eTN) - In yet a further escalation of the tone and intensity of the raging dispute between the erstwhile partners, Fly540 has now made sweeping allegations against FastJet, telling them in all but na

Is the air getting thin up there for FastJet?

(eTN) - Already embroiled in a potentially major lawsuit with erstwhile buddies Fly540 in Kenya, where some nearly US$7 million are at stake over alleged outstanding payments claimed by one but strenu

Opposition grows against Fly 540 Kenya managers

(eTN) - The unceremonious sacking of a number of staff by Fly 540 management once again highlighted the woes that the company has, as it faces lawsuits by creditors and by former staff, and increasing

Lonrho and Stelios take over Fly 540

(eTN) - It was learned over the weekend that a new ownership has emerged at Fly 540 aviation, when Lonrho, with their new partners Sir Stelios, compelled the other existing shareholders to sell – in

Change at Fly 540 Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - A public notice in the Daily Nation of Kenya and the Daily Monitor in Kampala has confirmed earlier rumors that Jackie Arkle, the soul and good spirit of Fly 540 in Uganda, has left the

More flights in and out of Kenya

(eTN) - Virgin Atlantic and Fly 540 are both increasing routes in Kenya, either in capacity or with extra flights.

Fly 540 opens up Vipingo by air

(eTN) - True to their recent form of expanding their domestic destinations to locations other airlines have not been thinking about, Fly 540 has announced a three-times-a-week service from Nairobi’s

Fly 540 routes Kilimanjaro flights via Wilson

(eTN) - In a sharpish departure from conventional wisdom and operating practices that scheduled regional flights beyond Kenya’s borders only depart from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Fly 540

Aviation news: Fly 540’s low airfares rattle Tanzanian competition

(eTN) - The recent introduction of flights between Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s Indian Ocean port city, and Mwanza, the Tanzanian Lake Victoria municipality, has hit the market with a ban, as the fares

Fly 540 takes over East African Safari Air Express

(eTN) - The owners of East African Safari Air Express (EASAX), the first victim of the escalating fare war in Kenya, had a soft landing, when – following the initial wet-lease of their DC9 aircraft

Fly 540 leases DC9 aircraft to bridge gap

UGANDA (eTN) - Information was received last weekend that the regional low-cost carrier, Fly 540, has leased two DC 9 aircraft, for the first time offering business class seats in any of their fleet a

Fly 540 reinstates their Saturday morning flight between Entebbe and Nairobi

It was learned last week that Fly 540 airline will reinstate their Saturday morning flight between Entebbe, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya, beginning June 5, 2010.

Low season equals low airfares in Nairobi

In an effort to maintain and increase passenger loads during the present low season on the tourist market, Fly 540 is offering a low-cost airfare between Entebbe and Nairobi.

Fly 540 paints Kampala Skal function in orange

The year-end fellowship of the Skal Kampala Chapter 611 was literally painted in orange, when Fly 540 decked out the meeting venue at the Kampala Serena Hotel in their trade mark colors, being the mai

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


Uganda low-cost carrier readies for flight operations amid anomalies

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - After the now locally incorporated low-cost carrier Fly 540 has received an air services license a few weeks ago, it is now processing requirements for the Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which is a prerequisite by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority to commence flight operations and obtain the status of a designated airline.

Fly 540 now set for Entebbe

Fly 540 now set for Entebbe Wolfgang H. Thome(eTN) - Launched on Monday with yet little fanfare and following shortly after its first regional destination (Southern Sudan’s capital of Juba), Fly 540 has now started operating their next regional route to Entebbe.