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BH Airlines resumes flying after bank unblocks its accounts

Bosnia's sole carrier BH Airlines resumed flying on Wednesday after a bank unblocked its accounts, frozen in February over outstanding debt, a top airline official said on Wednesday.

Qatar Airways announces return to Tripoli

Uganda had close ties with Gadaffi’s Libya in the past and scores of Ugandan students were studying in Libyan universities while there was a constant flow of business travelers to and from Libya,

Tiger roars back to life

Tiger's first domestic flight has taken off since the aviation safety authority grounded the airline six weeks ago.

Icelandair flights back to normal

As the clean-up operation at the now-world-famous Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland continues with the eruption slowly coming to an end, Keflavik International Airport, Icelandair’s main hub, has reopene

Air China celebrates resumption of Beijing-Athens service

BEIJING, China - On May 18th, Air China resumed its Beijing-Athens scheduled service. Passengers traveling between China and Greece will enjoy more convenience.

Egyptian Air Sinai resumes flights to Israel

Egypt's Air Sinai has renewed air travel to and from Israel after a two week hiatus due to the demonstrations in Cairo and a reduction in passengers.

A380 passengers reassured with Qantas CEO on board

Australian airline Qantas resumed service of its A380 fleet Saturday for the first time since grounding the jumbo jets after an engine mishap earlier this month.