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Mass demonstration and chaos at U.S. airports in case of a...

"To all Americans: if there is anything this shutdown has taught us, it should be that labor rights matter. We must work together to...

Flight attendant dies on Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu – New York flight

Hawaiian Airlines flight 50 departed Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Thursday night with 253 passengers for a scheduled nonstop flight to New York, JFK...

Malaysian airline cabin crew charged with international drug trafficking

A 48-year-old Malaysian airline flight attendant has been charged with smuggling high-grade heroin and ice into Sydney and Melbourne. The man was the second...

Delta Air Lines CEO: The goal is to make travel ‘magical’

Delta CEO Ed Bastian told the tech world Tuesday that Delta's goal is to make travel something customers don't have to endure, but a...

Lufthansa: Working while others go on vacation

Achim Bergmann will be celebrating Christmas with his family this year – just like any other year. His wife’s birthday is on 23 December,...

Flight attendant reconnects with Iceland 60 years after emergency landing

Mother and daughter experience an emotional reunion with a hospital responsible for an unexpected delivery after an emergency landing.

Honduras lures international visitors with new tourism campaign

The Honduras Institute of Tourism (IHT) announced today its newest tourism campaign that showcases the broad diversity of the country and all it offers...

Philippines deports obnoxious Chinese tourist

MANILA, Philippines - A Chinese man has been deported from the Philippines after a flight attendant said he was bullied before take-off in Shanghai on Friday.

US Airways flight attendant celebrates 55 years with airline

TEMPE, Ariz. - US Airways flight attendant Bette Nash celebrates 55 years of dedicated service with the airline this month. Ms.

American Airlines flight attendant works to uproot airline management

A controversial series of YouTube videos mocking a flight attendant's bosses at American Airlines has morphed into an all-out grassroots movement to remove the upper-management team now running Americ

Lufthansa employees potentially implicated in Euro fraud ring

FRANKFURT – A Lufthansa flight attendant struggling to lift her bag led to the discovery of a 6-million euro ($8.4 million) coin fraud.

JetBlue flight attendant to undergo mental health evaluation

NEW YORK -- The flight attendant accused of onboard antics that captured the nation's attention when he told off a passenger and slid down the plane's emergency chute with a beer will undergo a mental

Flight attendant removed baby from parents mid-flight

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant reportedly removed a baby from her parents' care mid-flight after witnessing the mother slap her crying child.

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken by flight...

An image of an obese passenger squeezed into an economy airline seat has reopened a debate about how airlines deal with growing numbers of oversized passengers.

Pa. flight attendant sues airlines over sexy dress

PITTSBURGH — A flight attendant is suing JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines, saying a male employee denied her a work-related flight because she wasn't dressed provocatively enough.

J.Lo flight attendant bites back

Los Angeles - One flight attendant isn't after the hair of the dog that bit her—she's after its owner.

United Airlines announces ‘Early Out’ program for flight attendants

United Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) flight attendants. Flight attendants who are at least 45 years old and have at least 15 years of flight attendant service with the company as of August 1, 2008 will be eligible to participate. Participants will be entitled to severance payments based on years of service and retiree travel benefits.

Flight attendant accused of setting fire on airplane

FARGO, N.D. - A flight attendant angry about his work route smuggled a lighter aboard an airplane and set a fire in a bathroom, forcing an emergency landing, authorities said Thursday.
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