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A bat which looks like actor Lance Bass in Greater Mekong...

A bat which looks like singer/actor Lance Bass, a gibbon named for Luke Skywalker, and a toad which seems to have come from Lord of the Rings “Middle Earth," are among 157 new species discovered in the Greater Mekong Region last year, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund. 

Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight touches down at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Qatar Airways’ first nonstop flight from Doha to Gothenburg, Sweden landed today at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, marking the airline’s second gateway into Sweden. Qatar...

Newest member of global sustainable tourism association Bee + Hive

Pousada Trijuncão is the newest member of Global Sustainable Tourism Association, Bee + Hive.

Fungus-faced fish threaten tourism hot spot

Tourism at one of NSW's most popular fishing spots is under threat from a gruesome fish disease.

Market fed up to the gills with tourists

Operators of the world's biggest fish market, which is also arguably Japan's most popular tourist attraction, have declared that sightseers are no longer welcome to attend the multimillion-dollar morning sales because of the sanitation problems and disruptions they cause.
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