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The real intentions of the “partnership of equals”

"Yesterday [March 22, 2011] was a long day. I was paying attention to the ups and downs of Obama in Chile since noon, as I had done the day before with his adventures in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Two Earthquakes

“A strong 8.9 on the scale earthquake shook Japan last week.

The revolutionary rebellion in Egypt

"Several days ago I said that Mubarak’s fate was sealed and that not even Obama was able to save him.

UN Mission in Haiti and the epidemic

“About three weeks ago news and photos were published showing Haitian citizens throwing stones and protesting in indignation against the forces of MINUSTAH, accusing it of having transmitted cholera

Duty and the epidemic in Haiti

“Last Friday, on December 3rd, the UN decided to devote one General Assembly session to analyzing the cholera epidemic in that sister country. News of that decision was heartening.

A year of false hopes for Cuba

HAVANA - For Cuba it was a year of false-starts, tentative hopes for change and lingering anticipation that the United States would finally open the floodgates for American tourists to visit the islan

Change is coming to Cuba

Cuba is planning spectacular celebrations in January to mark the 50th anniversary of the revolution that brought Fidel Castro and his Communist government to power.

Stakes are high for Cuba tourism in the hands of the...

Orlando, Florida (eTN) - At THETRADESHOW of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) being held in here September 7-9, tourism opportunities for Cuba as a tourism destination for US travelers has

Cuba woos Indian travelers

NEW DELHI, India (eTN) - Only a few years ago, it would have been difficult to comprehend, but today communist Cuba is wooing Indian traveler.The move comes follows a recent trip to India by a strong Cuban delegation s touring India to see how the numbers Indian travelers to Cuba can be increased. In 2007, some 3000 Indians travelers visited Cuba for leisure.

Cuba power change will not influence tourism

Since Fidel Castro announced that he has given up control over Cuba, many are asking the question: What will become of the island’s burgeoning tourism industry?

‘Castro’s resignation will not affect region’s tourism’

Jean-Claude Baumgarten, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), says there would be no major fallout in visitor arrivals to the rest of the Caribbean in the wake of Fidel Castro's stepping down, unless the United States opens up its market to the Caribbean country.