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Airlines collect over $27 billion in extra fees and charges

Airlines around the world collected over $27 billion in extra fees and charges last year, new research has shown.

Airline surcharges rivalling the cost of fares

SYDNEY, Australia - On Friday, Jetstar was levying an $8.50 ''booking and service fee'' per leg on $9 flights bought with Visa, Mastercard, Diners or American Express cards.

TAM Airlines absorbs APD increase for UK flights

TAM Airlines has chosen to absorb the increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD), which takes effect on 1 April, for all its passengers that had booked and paid in advance for their tickets prior to the Bri

New rule requires airlines to include all taxes and fees in...

Airline passengers won't have to wade several steps into the booking process to see the full price of an airline ticket after a new rule goes into effect next month.

Ryanair defies credit card surcharges ban

Ryanair has defied the government's move to ban surcharges on payments to airlines and other firms by saying it does not charge its passengers any credit or debit card fees.

Hong Kong to raise tour group fees

The stamp duty and charges for inbound mainland tour groups will likely be increased to finance new regulations for the travel industry.

Avoiding unnecessary airline fees

From digital check-ins to shipping baggage, these tips will help you avoid unnecessary airline fees.Travel with an elite flier.

JetBlue to waive change fees and fare differences for customers affected...

NEW YORK - Due to inclement weather resulting from Hurricane Rina, JetBlue Airways will waive change/cancel fees and fare differences for customers traveling to/from Cancun meeting the specified trave

Tourist industry not happy with Sri Lanka’s visa changes

A stream of visitors arrives from London or Dubai, Frankfurt or Hong Kong. They meet their tour guides or drivers and are whisked out in air-conditioned vehicles into the tropical greenery.

Car-hire charges to watch for on European vacation

Car companies in Europe don't think you'll fight arcane charges in a different language - or time zone. Here's how to steer clear of the worst ones when

Website helps travelers tackle airline card charges

LONDON, England - As airlines suffer a backlash from the Office of Fair Trading on the rising cost of booking by credit card, budget conscious consumers fear sticking to low cost travel could be a str

Airline fees soar

NEW YORK - Thinking of spending a weekend in Paris this spring? Think again.

Frontier Airlines cuts, axes fees

Air travelers are used to airlines raising or adding fees, so they may be shocked to hear that one carrier is actually reducing some of them.

2010: Airlines rake $2.5 billion from baggage fees so far

Baggage fees may irritate you, but airlines sure aren't complaining.

Survey: Parking and WiFi fees irk hotel guests the most

TORONTO - More than eight out of ten travellers dislike having to pay for hotel extras when on vacation, particularly for parking, ice and wireless internet service, according to a survey by Hotels.ca

Any airline fee that consumer does not revolt over is going...

Airline fees, once merely irritating, have blossomed into a major source of airline profits and a growing headache for travelers.

Carriers predict delays, waive change fees due to Hurricane Earl

U.S. airlines are warning passengers flying along the East Coast from Maine to Asheville, N.C., over the next few days that they may face weather delays related to hurricane Earl.

Ten ways of beating airlines at their own game

Is flying today a game? You bet and the odds are stacked against you.

US to require Visa Waiver Program travelers to pay fees for...

WASHINGTON, DC - US Customs and Border Protection announced an interim final rule that amends DHS regulations to require travelers from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries to pay operational and trave

Spirit CEO: Luggage not essential for travel, who needs bags?

Most people are on Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza's case for telling Congress the other day that bringing luggage is "not essential" to airline travel.

Watchdog group: Airline fees can increase fare by 50%

That airfare you booked because it looked like a great deal can actually end up costing you 50 percent more because of extra airline fees, a watchdog group has found.

Travel is about to become more expensive courtesy of Uncle Sam

The cost of travel, an industry that has been impacted in a negative way by fuel prices in recent years, will take a hit from Uncle Sam on Tuesday.

Bypassing airline baggage fees

In the first quarter of 2010, the U.S. airline industry made more than $760 million in revenue from baggage fees, an increase of 33 percent over the same period last year.

In first three months of 2010 airlines raked in $769M in...

Checked baggage fees are really adding up – into a bundle of revenue for the airline industry.

Alaska Air new checked baggage fees take effect

Alaska Airlines as of Wednesday has changed its fees for checked baggage.

Airline perks and fees – giving with one hand and taking...

The ever-changing world of airline fares and fees is getting a little more confusing — but maybe a lot cheaper — thanks to the newest travel perk: free baggage check with an airline's credit card.

Uganda visa fees to United States go up again

(eTN) - Anger and frustration is marking the publication of news that an application for a