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Boeing, FedEx announce order for 767 and 777 Freighters

SEATTLE, Wash. - The Boeing Company announced today that FedEx Express has ordered 27 767-300 Freighters and has exercised existing options for two additional 777 Freighters.

Who would you rather give your money to – the airline...

Facing fees of up to $50 to check in a piece of luggage when flying, some travelers have turned to shipping services to get their bags to their destination.

FedEx seeks lawsuit against ATA

FedEx Corp. sought permission in bankruptcy court Monday to sue ATA Airlines Inc. for breach of contract, a Bloomberg report states.

ATA, in bankruptcy protection, sues FedEx over abrupt end to military...

INDIANAPOLIS - ATA Airlines is suing FedEx Corp. over its decision to end a military charter business, a move the airline says forced it to seek bankruptcy protection and left it financially destroyed.