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Farmers website breaks new ground in harnessing the power of the...

With the recent launch of www.farmersreview.co.uk, information-hungry farmers and agronomists all over the UK will now have an online hub they can go to 24 X 7 to find the most honest, reliable and cl

Tourism news: Washington states turns agricultural tourism into a fine art

Farms and orchards that once simply supplied jobs and food have become entertainment and educational outlets for tourists interested in knowing where and how food is made.

Agricultural tourism project in Vietnam raises farmers’ incomes

A three-year pilot agricultural tourism project in three rural provinces has helped to diversify ecotourism products and raise incomes of local farmers, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Farmers' Associa

Farmers’ revolt hits tourist industry in Argentina

On March 11 Argentina's President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced a series of taxes on farm exports such as soya and wheat. Aimed at curbing inflation and improving Argentina's ever worsening fiscal balance, it was the second major agricultural tax hike in just four months.

Farmers protest conversion of agricultural land for tourism

MANILA, Philippines -- Members of a leftist farmers’ group staged a picket at the Department of Tourism (DoT) in Manila on Tuesday to demand an end to the conversion of agricultural lands for tourism, specifically in Nasugbu, Batangas.