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Full-fare air travelers get special treatment, even in coach

One of the more vexing problems for airlines has been the $800 business traveler sitting in coach next to the $75 leisure traveler – same seats, same service and vastly different fares.

Quick! Some airlines slashing fares but only for a limited time

Airlines are slashing prices on some flights, hoping to lure some travelers this holiday season and into the New Year. But like all things with airlines, the situation is changing rapidly.

Hunt for travel deals escalates

LOS ANGELES - Interest in travel deals is up, according to LowFares.com(TM), the travel comparison search site for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages.

Taxi fare rise to hit tourism – warning

A taxi fare increase of more than 8 per cent, which comes into force today has been described as a “nightmare” for tourists and the general public by Fine Gael spokeswoman on tourism Olivia Mitche

Airline plans £8 transatlantic fare

Budget airline Ryanair is preparing to launch transatlantic flights for just £8 by buying cheap planes from struggling rivals.

Fuel costs fall, but air fares not likely to follow

The financial hit at the gas pump is a lot less painful since oil prices dropped dramatically - but don't expect airfares to follow the same heading.

Frequent flyers redeem miles to beat higher fares

Airline customers are cashing in more frequent-flier awards this year, looking to avoid higher fares and believing that miles just aren't worth the same anymore.

All’s fare in unbundling airline fees

You may get exactly what you pay for -- and nothing more -- when flying major airlines.

Southwest locks in fuel costs, a gamble that keeps fares in...

As jet fuel prices sent airlines on a stomach-churning ride, spurring new fees and higher prices, Southwest Airlines customers have had a smoother trip.

Air Canada eliminates second bag fee

MONTREAL (September 18, 2008) - Air Canada announced today that in response to decreasing fuel prices, the airline is eliminating all second checked-bag charges implemented this spring and will be inc

From Air France To ‘Train France’?

Train fares and journey times to Europe could be slashed if Air France goes through with plans for a high-speed rail service to compete with Eurostar.

Bus travel grows as fuel soars, airfares leap

NEW YORK: It's a tale of two cities: Nikita Bernstein, 29, a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker with a business in Boston, was in need of a cheap way to travel between his two homes.

End of cheap flights boom as airlines raise fares in line...

More than five million British passengers could be priced out of the budget holiday market as airlines raise their fares, bringing the era of cheap travel to an end.

Hit by airlines, travel portals try new revenue options

NEW DELHI - Indian travel agents have begun reworking their revenue streams after a funds crunch forced three leading airlines to scrap their commission.

Airlines to cut supply of seats to force fare prices up

Faced with a looming financial disaster, the U.S. airline industry is boning up on an Economics 101 principle for its salvation: supply and demand.

United Airlines to shutter low-fare airline, cut jobs

DETROIT - United Airlines said Wednesday that it would discontinue its low-fare airline, called Ted, retire aircraft and cut as many as 1,100 additional jobs in an effort to lessen the impact of high jet fuel prices. The announcement had been expected for several weeks, ever since the airline surprised Wall Street with a $537 million loss for the first quarter.

1 million zero fares for travel in Malaysia

Subang: Malaysia Airlines today launched Everyday Low Fares, offering 1 million zero fares for all its domestic destinations to enable Malaysians to keep traveling, and to boost tourism.

Domestic air travel set to become dearer

NEW DELHI: Domestic air travel is all set to become dearer. With the crude oil prices touching $120 a barrel and Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices shooting up, airlines have announced that the fuel surcharge per ticket will increase by Rs.150 for short-haul flights and by Rs.350 for long-haul flights. Fare hike by 10 p.c.

Airline discount hides fares rise

LOW-COST airline easyJet broke advertising rules by raising fares after promising a 25 per cent discount on all its routes, a watchdog said today. Some passengers taking advantage of the Easter deal would have paid more for a seat than before it was introduced, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled.

United, Continental boost airfares

United Airlines and Continental Airlines increased fares as much as $50 per round trip Thursday and Friday as jet fuel rocketed to a record $3.03 per gallon this week and the airline industry and consumers alike wondered how high is up.

Disabled await transport ruling on airline fare

The Canadian Transportation Agency will rule whether people with severe disabilities who require additional seating for medical attendants should pay more than a single fare for domestic air travel. The "one-person-one-fare" ruling will be handed down today at 4 p.m.
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