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Family travel in the electronic age

Should kids be allowed to be connected electronically when the family travels? How much is too much and what limits are appropriate?

Family-oriented travel experiences in demand for Peru

Responding to increasing demand for family-oriented experiences in Peru, Aracari Travel [ http://www.aracari.com/ ] has developed two itineraries [ http://www.aracari.com/travelling/family-trips.html

Moms want more from airlines

NEW YORK, N.Y.- With spring in full bloom many families are starting to plan for their big summer vacation. For air carriers, this means more child passengers during the summer months.

Qatar attracting many tourists from Gulf Cooperation Council countries

DOHA, Qatar - Qatar has become one of the main tourist destinations for families in the GCC, many of whom like to spend their weekends in the country.

NTA broadens convention focus on specialty markets

ORLANDO, Florida - NTA broadened its convention focus on specialty markets by hosting the association’s first Family Travel and Adventure Tourism Leaders Forum.

Top 10 US beaches for families announced

PENNINGTON, N.J. - The annual list of the "Best U.S. Beaches for Families." has been announced by Family Vacation Critic site.

British Airways announces selection of Christmas Market city breaks

British Airways has announced that it is kicking off the festive period with a selection of Christmas Market city-breaks for the entire family to enjoy.

British Airways reveals Gatwick airport is top choice for families

CRAWLEY, England - British Airways has revealed that more families than ever are choosing to fly from Gatwick airport as they jet off on holiday this year.

Freebies entice families to travel

A spring getaway needn't break the family piggy bank. Eager to encourage parents and their children to try new experiences, the travel industry provides plenty of free and nearly free opportunities.