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Kenya Airport Authority fallout reaches hotel project

Now that it is clear that the CEO of the Kenya Airports Authority is indeed retiring, a newly-assertive board of directors under the leadership of a new chairman, is looking reportedly at a range of i

Rains continue to pound eastern Africa

Only two months after a long and devastating drought broke, which had parts of East Africa in an iron grip for several years, torrential rains are once again causing yet more problems for rural popula

Tennessee tourism hurt by racist e-mail

With national attention focused on an e-mail sent by a Nashville hospitality executive comparing first lady Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee, Tennessee's tourism industry has started to feel the fallout

Tourism industry suffers financial fallout after spate of attacks

Mauritania is facing financial fallout in the wake of three terrorist-related attacks between December and February, with the cancellation of the Paris-Dakar Rally, investors turning away, and the halving of tourist numbers.