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UK: Argentine thugs trying to ‘strangle’ Falkland Islands by harassing cruise...

Argentina has been accused of trying to ‘strangle’ the Falkland Islands by intimidating cruise ships which stop there, it emerged yesterday.

Falkland Islands voting on whether to remain British Overseas Territory

People living in the Falkland Islands are voting in a referendum on their political status on Sunday and Monday at a time of heightened tensions between Argentina and Britain over their sovereignty.

New luxury cruise ships to visit Falkland Islands in 2012-2013 season

Luxury super yacht MY Sherakhan, is one of four vessels new to the Falkland Islands visiting in the 2012/13 season beginning next month.

Falklands: nature’s best kept secret

FALKLANDS (eTN) - Rockhoppers are to penguins, as Yorkies or teacup poodles are to dogs: they are a miniature variety of elegantly plumed, yellow-crested, tuxedoed fauna in the genus Eudyptes.

Getting off the beaten path in the Falkland Islands

With autumn fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start planning your adventure to the Falkland Islands, located 400 miles off the southeastern tip of South America.

Falkland Islands tourism campaign launched in UK

The Falkland Islands Tourist Board has launched an innovative marketing campaign in the UK this week, to help protect the islands from the impact of the economic recession.

Falkland Islands: £4.2 million revenue from cruise tourism

Cruise tourism brings £4.2 million to the Falkland Islands economy

Falkland Islands Tourist Board strengthens presence in UK marketplace

(September 3, 2008) - The Falkland Islands Tourist Board (FITB) hosted a Falklands themed ‘Smoko’ event yesterday to introduce media and trade contacts to all that these fascinating Islands have t

Falkland Islands bid for wildlife tourists

The Falkland Islands is bidding to become a must-see destination for wildlife tourists.

Falkland Islands anticipates biggest ever cruise season

The Falkland Islands is anticipating a growth of nearly 9% in cruise ship visitors in the coming season, which would make it the destination’s most successful season to date.