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Chinese aviation regulators say pilots issue resolved

China’s aviation regulator said cases of false pilot qualifications reported by Chinese media dated back to 2008 and had been resolved.

Chinese airlines desperate for staff hiring pilots with fake resumes

SHANGHAI — A report in China is raising concerns about the qualifications of airline pilots.

Fake historic tourism banned in China

BEIJING - The Chinese government has banned the use of "negative historical figures or literary works" to boost tourism, a new decree says.

Tour operator: Foreigners hired because real Maoris “too lazy to get...

Europeans and Israelis living in New Zealand were found to be posing as Maoris for a local tour operator.

TripAdvisor: Fake hotels reviews alert

The hotel review may sound too good — citing obscure details like the type of faucets — or perhaps one stands out as the only negative rating of an otherwise popular location.

Airline engineer convicted of faking license risked 12,000 lives

A pathological liar who faked his way into an aircraft engineer's job with Qantas has been sentenced to a maximum three years and five months in prison.