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Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Faith-based travelers hold the key to Jordan’s growing tourism industry, Kevin Wright told 150 local travel professionals during a workshop in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday.

India planning to boost faith tourism

NEW DELHI, India - Multicultural India is planning to pitch faith tourism by developing more religious tourist circuits to attract foreign footfalls and encourage greater domestic traveling that has s

Sacred sites: value beyond belief


Fundamentals of faith-based travel delivered to online audience

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Kevin J. Wright delivered the fundamentals of faith-based travel to an international online audience.

Faith-based tourism a two-way street

Thousands of US citizens travel abroad to visit religious sites and regions, but faith-based tourism is a two-way street.

Identifying trends in faith-based tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Faith-based tourism will be an important focus at the 2011 NTA Convention in Las Vegas, highlighted by the association’s first-ever Faith-based Tourism Leaders Forum, set for D

Gratitude is the memory of the heart

In the British Isles, thanksgiving for successful harvests has been celebrated since the pagan ages.

Religious tourism grows in Poland

More and more Polish travelers go for religious tours. France and Spain are among the most popular destinations, tourism-review.com has revealed.

NTA hires expert on faith tourism

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - NTA is taking steps to expand its members’ opportunities for business within the US$18 billion faith-based tourism and hospitality market, starting with hiring an industry expe

Virgin apparition over Christmas

In Egypt during Christmas, in the busy, bustling center of Cairo, a miraculous event drew a huge crowd to the downtown area.

Israel preps for pilgrims, pope’s visit

In preparation for Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Israel this May, the picturesque 40-mile 'Pilgrim's Route' has been revamped, complete with brand-new trails and signs to help guide travelers along the

Egypt churches give poor youth edutainment tours to poor villages

Despite being poor in Egypt, the village of Fayoum and neighboring others host poor youth while holding religious festivities, commemorating the journey of the Holy Family through Egypt.

Journey through the historical chasms of the Holy Land

Walking through the massive stone entrance of what two centuries ago was a gateway for pilgrims to a hostel in the historic port-town of Jaffa - not far from Tel Aviv - is a magical, eclectic artistic

Amid conflicts, Middle East region pins hope on religious travel

Despite hard times in today’s financial world, tourism has been given hope in religion and faith-based travel.

Faith and sports tourism: Way forward for Grenada?

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENANDA (eTN) - The head of a religious organization has said that the Grenada National Stadium should be marketed as a venue for both sport and faith tourism activities.