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A social signal for 2013: is Google+ where it’s at?

Most travel brands use Facebook and Twitter but growing numbers are using Google+ to engage with users in a compelling way.

Listen and learn: 10 top trends and tips for social and...

It goes without saying that social media and mobile are no longer an optional, nice-to-have for travel brands.

Airlines versus hotels in the battle for the best pricing strategy

Pricing it right is challenging at the best of times but do hotels have a smoother ride than the airlines when it comes to pinning a number on deal or fare? Ritesh Gupta investigates.

Social success: think authentic blogs, crowdsourced pics and conversions

It is all very well developing a cool app, running a successful blog, and giving away US$1,000 prizes, but what should you expect back?

The case for Canada: emotional engagement helps drive customers to purchase

Canada is a vast and beautiful country, but why go there when you could go to California or the Caribbean?

Big data, big overstatement?

In the run up to EyeforTravel’s Smart Analytics Travel Show next week, we look at some of the biggest data and analytics challenges for travel businesses in 2013.

Crunching the numbers: detailed consumer research to help you get ahead

Economic uncertainty coupled with the proliferation of new devices and platforms, makes it increasingly important for travel firms to make the right business decisions at the right time.

Why data and analytics should be ruling the travel roost

Back in 2009, Ian McCaig (then the CEO of Lastminute.com) was quoted as saying, “the best marketing channel for us at the moment is in analytics.” At the time, that statement was rather bold.

The ultimate customer experience: four key trends in the evolving online...

Tim Gunstone, EyeforTravel’s Managing Director, has been talking to top travel players and key innovators across the world about the next steps for a highly-competitive, low-margin industry.

Leaving Las Vegas with the Innovation crown

A company which has wrapped rocket science up in a calculator interface won the day at this year’s EyeforTravel Travel Distribution Summit in North America.

Recipe for social media: stir in language, culture, religion and humor

Skyscanner takes its growing multinational presence very seriously, and social media plays a big part in this.

Act global and think local: how not to get lost in...

In an increasingly global world where social and search are merging and reviews really do matter, what should travel firms be thinking about?

Emerging trends in mobile travel strategies

Putting in place a mobile strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, it is the essential weapon in a fast-paced and competitive sector. EyeforTravel.com identifies some emerging themes.

Making appropriate use of Facebook as a national tourism agency

It was in mid-2010 when Prime Minister David Cameron highlighted that Britain is about to enter a decade of exceptional opportunity for tourism marketing.

Making apt use of flash sales for both distribution and marketing...

There are so many different types of business that are being categorized as flash sales.

Innovation in travel: meet 5 new companies who are stepping out...

EyeforTravel has picked five of the industry’s hottest new companies and invited them to “pitch” to their panel of investor judges as part of TDS Europe 2012.

Creating social media champions and success stories with a meticulous approach

The process of nurturing internal experts that take care of social media marketing initiatives depends on several factors including the company culture, making social media intrinsic to marketing and

Top 7 travel trends for 2011 and beyond

Alongside the continuing fluctuating economic situation, soaring food and commodity prices, and potential climatic disruption, the travel industry has to master 7 distinct developing disciplines and t