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Survey: Brits loathe paying for hotel extras

LONDON - Hotels.com has revealed new research that shows British travellers resent having to pay for hotel extras.

So, what is the REAL cost of that airline ticket?

You go to a travel website, plug in dates and locations, and up comes the lowest fare. Don’t click yet!

Luxury cruise fares suddenly seem pricier? Look again

You may not have noticed, but prices for some higher-end cruises have gone up by a couple hundred dollars.

Little-known airline fees that add up

ATLANTA — You can make waves after your next flight on Allegiant Air, but it's going to cost you extra to check your boogie board.

Skyway robbery: Fees on top of fees with fees on the...

As if charging $15 to check a bag weren't enough, two airlines are asking for $5 more beginning this summer if you pay at the check-in counter — a fee on top of a fee.

Despite speculation, extra airline fees remain

From checked luggage to in-flight food service and everything in between, travelers have been forced to pay extra for the 'extras' when flying.

Top travel secrets you need to know

1. Request extras with your room

All’s fare in unbundling airline fees

You may get exactly what you pay for -- and nothing more -- when flying major airlines.

Norwegian Gem’s private villas offer bars, whirlpools, steam rooms

Visit Spain, Italy and France and stay in a villa with a private rooftop courtyard and plunge pool ... on a cruise ship.

Airlines: No other choice but to rob the passengers

Passengers will have to pick up more of the tab, paying more for airline tickets and add-on fees, if the US airline industry is to turn a profit in the face of sky-high fuel costs, according to Gerard Arpey, chairman and chief executive of AMR Corp, American Airlines' parent.

Latest airline fee: pay to pee?

I think it was the "antler fee" that finally sent me around the bend.