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Airbus introduces wider seats for obese passengers

Squeezing into a 'cattle class' airline seat is about to get a lot easier for the overweight traveller – but at the expense of more slimline passengers.

Airlines now charge extra for window or aisle seat

The airline industry's latest tactic to increase revenue -- charging premiums for window and aisle seats -- is making it hard for groups to fly together, say passenger advocates.

American Airlines: Extra legroom will cost extra

American Airlines is offering another option to the passenger who is tired of jamming his knees into a fellow flier's back.

Hawaii hotels charging for amenities

Travelers planning vacations are discovering that more and more hotels are tacking on resort fees to cover the cost of "extra" services, such as Internet access and fitness center use.

Major Philadelphia airline to charge $25 for second checked bag

The major airline at Philadelphia International Airport, with over 60% of all passengers, has announced that starting on May 5 they will be charging $25 to check a second bag. Who is it? US Airways. Can you believe it? This is the same airline that has been notorious for its poor baggage handling across the nation but especially in Philadelphia.