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US Airways to charge more for checked baggage at airport

US Airways says it will charge passengers an extra $5 per bag to check luggage at the airport rather than online.

Would you pay extra for a steak in a cruise ship...

One of the things that always has set cruises apart from other types of vacations is that meals are included in the basic price of the trip -- at least for those who stick to the main dining room on s

Newcastle major international airport to revive tourism

An extra $40 million in tourism funding for NSW could turn Newcastle into a major international airport if advice from events guru John O'Neill is heeded.Tourism Minister Matt Brown yesterday announced the financial boost in response to the Events NSW chairman's long-awaited report into the struggling sector.

Airlines shift more costs to travelers

For America's already beleaguered air travelers, there's something new on the runway. The airlines call it unbundling. Passengers will probably call it something else.

Is second bag – EXCESS baggage? Airlines seem to think so…

Five of the six major airlines in the United States plan to start charging coach passengers as much as $25 next month to check a second bag, the latest move in their quest to offset high fuel prices.But while the airlines, and even some industry specialists, say they expect the fees will primarily affect leisure travelers, business travelers beg to differ.

Brit tourist blags his way onto Iron Man set

A Brit tourist who blagged his way onto the set of Iron Man managed to land a scene with Gwyneth Paltrow, the Times reports.Salesman Carl Kelly, 29, of Knebworth, was in the US last June to watch Light Welterweight pugilist Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton's scrap with Jose Luis Castillo in Las Vegas when he apparently decided he'd like to break into movies.

Airline fuel surcharge inconsistencies exposed

SYDNEY - A survey of airline fuel surcharges between Australia and the UK has unveiled significant inconsistencies.The disparity between the world's major airlines is so great that Australian flyers have been warned by the nation's largest travel agency Flight Centre to ensure they take the surcharges into account before deciding which airline to use.

Air Canada to charge for customer service

It was bound to happen eventually: Air Canada now wants you to pay extra for better customer service.In an era of continued cost-cutting, the country's largest airline yesterday rolled out a new service called "On My Way" that, for a fee, promises to help passengers cope with delays and cancellations beyond the airline's control, including bad weather or airport traffic.