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Experts: “Stem cell tourists” risking their lives and life savings

LONDON - Thousands of people are putting their health and life savings at risk to travel to private clinics around the world for unproven and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments, British expert

Aviation expert passes away in Belgium

My former partner in our joint airline business, Capt.

Expert: Climate is affected by tourism plans

The tourism industry needs to recognise the importance of climate change and other environmental issues in its future development, says a climate change expert.

Aircraft expert says Boeing Dreamliner worth the wait

DAYTON, OH - A University of Dayton professor with intimate knowledge of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner said the plane will be worth the wait despite recent announcements of production delays.

All-inclusive cruise holidays are cost-effective

All-inclusive cruise holidays can be extremely "cost-effective" one industry expert has said this week.The Co-operative Travel, which is the UK's largest independent holiday retailer, claims that there are still plenty of good deals to be had with cruises and there is a misconception that these types of breaks are for those with a lot of money to spend.

‘High tourism figures are simply not true’

Overwhelming growth in the country's tourism statistics is misleading and not always what it seems, says Cape Town-based tourism expert Peter Koblmiller.