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Hoteliers reject claims that Nairobi is 8th most expensive city

(eTN) - Kenyan hoteliers have taken exception to a recent report published by Hotels.com in the UK, which claims that the Kenyan capital city has become the 8th most expensive city for hotel accommoda

Space tourism – too rich for Queen

Space tourism is apparently too rich for royal blood.

Air travel has become an expensive luxury

Rising airfares due to expensive fuel has a direct impact on the Indian middle class, many of whom are now switching back from flying to other modes of transport.

Going to New York? It’ll cost you. Going to Moscow? It...

In 1998, Moscow was in crisis. More than 100,000 Russians took to the streets as a slew of banks--and the life savings of millions of citizens--went bust.

Prague tourists rattled by rising Koruna avoid beer, souvenirs

Mindy and Gerald Gartner say they looked forward to celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Prague, known for its inexpensive beer, food and hotels.

World’s most expensive tourist destinations

London: Planning a weeklong holiday in London? Well, in that case, make sure you take along a bag full of green notes, for the city"s top visitor attractions are the most expensive in the world.