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Airlines requests for exemption to the tarmac delay rules rejected by...

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced it will not approve requests, from five airlines, for a temporary exemption to the tarmac delay rules.

American joins Delta, JetBlue, requests exemption on tarmac rule

A third airline is requesting to be exempt from a new federal rule that limits the time passengers can be held sitting in a plane on the runway due to construction at a local airport.

Hanni objects to JFK tarmac exemption

Before the law regarding tarmac delays has actually gone into effect, Delta and JetBlue are complaining that they should not be penalized at John F.

Thai FM: Foreign tourists’ visa exemption effective

BANGKOK - Foreign tourists' visa exemption earlier approved by the Thai cabinet has been effective from March 5 to June 4, according to Tharit Charungvat, Director-General of the Department of Informa