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Tennis tourists bearing Euros find US Open Grand Slam bargain

Barbara Steur of Amsterdam says she knows a bargain when she sees one. The U.S.

Lufthansa remains on course after the first half of 2008

Lufthansa (the "Group") remains on course with an improved operating result - during the first six months of 2008, the Group increased its offer and sales.

Deals in dollars

Here's a bright spot in the sad traveler's tale of the ever-weak dollar.

Montenegro introduces eco-tax for tourist cars

PODGORICA - Montenegro will launch a new green tax this summer for all foreign cars, buses and trucks entering the Adriatic state to try to protect its environment, officials said on Monday.

Aer Lingus is refusing to honour an online offer

DUBLIN - Irish airline Aer Lingus is refusing to honour an online offer which mistakenly sold business class transatlantic flights for five euros (eight dollars, four pounds), a spokesman said Thursday.The flights would normally sell for 1,775 euros one way, said Enda Corneille, Aer Lingus director of corporate affairs who apologised to the customers concerned.

“…I might withdraw 300 Euros, that is $500. It is just...

The dollar's sharp drop on currency markets, along with economic doldrums in the United States are taking their toll on American tourists and expatriates overseas. Even Paris has seen a 10 percent decline in its number-one foreign visitor.

Euro muscles in on US tourist trade

With the US dollar falling to record lows against the Euro, shopkeepers in New York and Washington have begun accepting the foreign currency.Their decision is largely motivated by the increasing number of European visitors coming to America.But these small business owners are also keen to build up a bankroll of a stronger currency for themselves.